Travel to Uzungol, Turkey and my writing adventure

Uzungol, Trabzon, Turkey

Isn’t it fun to think about where you will go on vacation next? Even better is when you know there are just a few days left to work and for the next week or so you will relax in the place of your choosing. If you are tired of going to the same places every year, have I got the location for you: situated in Turkey, near the city of Trabzon is the lake Uzungol. Famous for its natural beauty, this area has seen high development lately, making it the perfect attraction for tourists seeking to escape their daily routine. Well, I travelled to Uzungol-Turkey and wrote about it!

If you like the outdoors there are a lot of mountain trails that vary in difficulty depending on your trekking experience as well as excursions to Uzungol lake. Its geographical variety make it a perfect place for botanists to choose for their vacationing as well as for nature lovers in general. The many villages around Uzungol mix seamlessly with the hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops that you can find all around making it for an interesting blend of the new versus the old.

And now, a few things about my travel to Uzungol, Turkey. With its capital in the city of Ankara, turkey’s largest city is Istanbul. Due to it being the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a place where cultures mix creating interesting blends especially when it comes to its architecture. You can find elements of Central Asian architecture as well as Persian. Arab, Armenian, Byzantine and a few others.

Uzungol, A Sight For the Weary

Going back to Uzungol, as stated before it is near the city of Trabzon, a city on the edge of the Black Sea and located on what was once the famous Silk Road, a series of trade and cultural routes linking Asia to Europe. Thus, it is perhaps the most diverse city in terms of religion, culture and language. It houses Turkey’s most important sea port which is also the town’s main economical drive.

Visitors to Uzungol can take a detour to Trabzon in order to see the Hagia Sophia, the Boztepe Park, the Trabzon Castle ruins or the Trabzon Museum. Oh and let’s not forget about the bazaar’s, famous throughout the world as offering people quality merchandise at the smallest of prices depending on their bargaining skills. During my vacation I found quite a few merchants that did not want to sell me their merchandise unless I bargained for it.

All in all, the Uzungol Lake as well as the area around it makes for the perfect vacation spot for those seeking to escape daily routine. No matter what your interest is, you will find something to satiate your desires as long as you know where to look or who to ask. And after you come back you will be able to say just like I do now, that I travelled to Uzungol-Turkey and wrote about it. Or at least bragged about it to a few close and personal friends. This is a destination you shouldn’t miss out on.

Creative Writing as a Business

Creative Writing

bloomingmimosa / Pixabay

Creative writing is a spiritual journey that connects the mind of the writer with the happenings in the world. Not only is it a satisfactory feeling when you have a set of words coming alive in the pages, it is also a path to freedom of expression. When it turns into a business, nothing stands more enlightening than your creative writing influencing the thoughts and ideas of millions of readers.

Gone are the days when writers would be languishing in dreaded poverty or their best work and composition flowing only in the sheer travesty or diseased society. Not any more, as creative writers are getting the due and making hay out of flooded content management over the internet that has transformed how the whole world perceives a writer’s job. Youths are willing to take up the job of a creative writer and pursue a career in creative writing where it may involve writing about traveling abroad, entering management logs and lessons, cuisine and nutritional delicacies or just covering a particular conference or an event.

When it comes to writing about traveling abroad, creative writers prefer to stick to poetry and composition that have been spread across the Classic literature and the travelogue diaries of famous sailors, tourists and freedom fighters. Travelogue writing is not only an engaging activity it also involves taking a lot of risk and challenges. The most vicious challenge that a writer takes while covering an alien land in some continent is the interaction he or she has with the native people. The law of the land is the supreme authority.

A creative writer must always note a few basic pointers that would help them give it a worthy shot at making travelling to abroad as a business move. As a writer, you must link your visits to a particular story-line. It could feature a few helpful strangers who rallied around to find you a hotel or took you to their place when you were almost lost. It could also feature folklores from the native country which can be further personified with carefully chosen phrases and idioms.

Another key thing you must keep in mind while writing about travelling abroad is to have a photographic memory. Take as many pictures as possible or make videos to further authenticate your writing and inspire people to visit those places. This would improve the rating of your writing in addition to put you on an international pedestal.

No reader is willing to spend his time reading about a place that has been dotted millions of times across a magazine or news archives. Instead go for a place that not many travelogue writers are willing to venture. Antarctica, Greenland, savannah and even Himalayas are the most horrific places to scribble a note over the paper, given the challenges of environment and the tenacity of a human body to overcome those challenges.

No matter how liberal you are in the country of your birth, it goes without saying that as long as you are visiting a foreign land, stick to your conservationist best and don’t hurt the feelings of the native countrymen, especially if they have a strange series of religious outings or social communion.

How to be creative in every area of life?


How to be creative in life?

geralt / Pixabay

Every single invention we enjoy today is testimony of the fact that we are creative by nature. Creativity is not something you are born with as a unique quality. In fact, it is our natural creativity what allows us to improve our lives in every possible way. However we fail to acknowledge that we have this amazing tool and that it is available to use in every area of our lives. Creative ideas sprout to mind all the time when we see a picture, read a story or simply chat with friends about how to solve a problem. As soon as our brains and memory start searching for alternatives or answers, the creative process starts. We tend to believe that being creative is something related with arts and crafts but the span of creativity goes into every area of our lives.

How to be creative all the time

We may not be aware of this amazing tool we count on however it is the same source of creativity that any author, artist or inventor would use. The three points below are designed to stimulate creativity and make you aware that creativity happens everywhere:

1. Use your normal routines as opportunities for creativity:

Think how you could make your daily routines more fun, productive, quicker, or enjoyable. For instance, if you walk your dog every day, think about new toys or games you could play with your dog during this time, change the route you normally take or teach him a new trick. Have you tried all of these? how about thinking of a new type of leash, how to walk more than one dog at a time, how to make the routine into a daily chance to meet up with friends or make new treats your dog might like.

2. Be a detective:

Ever read something in the newspapers and started speculating about the truth behind the story? View all alternatives the story is not giving you. You can run wild with ideas and imaginary characters or plots to a story to make your brain explore and connect new ideas.

3. Learn to see:

The focus of our visual attention tends to be an object but we often fail to see all the details surrounding the object itself. Try to remember other objects or details attached to something you have seen helps you to exercise your memory and create new connections with the world you perceive. The more connections you create, the more chances of improving your creativity as you will have more elements to play with.

After reading the above, it is probably evident by now that you use creativity all the time. Now it’s time to transfer this skill where you want to use it best. It may prove difficult at first, particularly if you set yourself a really difficult task. If you want to do a picture, don’t start by buying all the materials and setting them in front of you before you have a rough idea of what you want, the tones, the subject, the shapes, etc. Make a few sketches with pen and paper, use different sizes and in general explore as much as you can before you decide on a big blank oil canvas. This applies to every single opportunity for creativity. Enjoy the journey!